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About Mycore...

Mycore Pilates is a partnership between Sarah Hilton, an experienced and highly regarded Pilates teacher for over twelve years and Jonathan Barton a local businessman and massive Pilates enthusiast.

Both believe that a Pilates studio is about more than filling up your classes to the brim and are hellbent on giving you that personal touch. Creating a friendly and intimate setting where your enjoyment is the #1 priority.



We offer a number of different membership categories based on your varying skill level and how many classes you'd like to attend each week.

As a new member you'll receive a 50% discount on your first month of membership as a thank you for signing up with us. To retrieve this offer, enter the discount code 'PILATESNEW' at checkout.


Mycore Mat

One Group Mat Class per week | £44.00 per month £22.00 first month


Mycore Reformer

One Group Reformer Class per week | £66.00 per month £33.00 first month


Mycore Double Mat

Two Group Mat Classes per week | £80.00 per month £40.00 first month


Mycore Mat + Reformer

One Mat + One Reformer Class per week | £100.00 per month £50.00 first month


Mycore Double Reformer

Two Group Reformer Classes per week | £120.00 per month £60.00 first month


Our sessions are attended on a class credit basis, given each month depending on your membership level. All class credits are valid for the whole month, so if you cancel a class (with 12 hours notice), you have the entire month to reuse that credit as you wish. All of our memberships are open ended, with 30 days notice on cancellations.


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