Maiwenn Langlois


Throughout her life Maiwenn has explored a passion for movement through many years of dance, Yoga and Thai boxing. She stumbled across Pilates as a way to find relief from sporting injuries and daily back pain. Astounded by the impact it had on her daily routine, as well as the positive results in the boxing ring, she was empowered to share Pilates with others.

She trained with the renowned Body Control Pilates Institute London, where she obtained a REPS Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor and Basic matwork and reformer qualification.

Along with various pilates workshops, frequent trips to Thailand where she graduated as a Thai Massage Practitioner, she continues to expand her knowledge of the body and apply it to all aspects of her life.

She is driven to fully understand and challenge the human body. Her passion is to get people healthy and to feel at peace with their bodies regardless of shape, size or natural ability.

Every client is evaluated through programs built on the integrity of 'Joseph Pilates' classical technique.

Just as importantly creativity and her ability to have a giggle will keep sessions fun and fresh!