We offer over 30 classes a week, Monday to Saturday, 48 weeks of the year. If you’d like to trial any of our classes please just call us.



9:30 Reformer (Rachel)
9:30 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
10:30 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
17:45 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
18:45 Reformer (Sarah)
19:45 Reformer (Sarah)



9:30 Reformer (Maiwenn)
9:30 Matwork beginners (Hannah)
10:30 Matwork beginners (Hilary)
18:00 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
19:00 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
20:00 Matwork int/advanced (Sarah)



9:30 Reformer (Hilary)
9:30 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
10:30 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
11:30 Matwork mixed ability (Harriett)
19:00 Reformer (Imani)
19:30 Matwork mixed ability (Hannah)



9:30 Reformer (Maiwenn)
9:30 Matwork beginners (Harriett)
10:30 Reformer (Sarah)
10:30 Postnatal Matwork (Hilary)
19:00 Matwork mixed ability (Megan)
19:00 Reformer (Sarah)
20:00 Matwork mixed ability (Megan)
20:00 Reformer (Sarah)



9:30 Reformer (Sarah)
10:45 Matwork mixed ability (Sarah)
13:30 Reformer advanced teacher class (Rachel)



9:30 Matwork mixed ability (Harriett)
9:30 Reformer (Sarah)
10:30 Reformer (Sarah)
10:30 Matwork beginners / mixed ability (Anna)

In 2019 the studio will be closed on the following dates:

Monday 26th August – Saturday 31st August

Saturday 21st December – Friday 3rd January 2020

Classes run through the school holidays, except where stated. If you are unable to attend you have the option to use a class credit to change to an alternative class.

Classes are held in our two studios, one dedicated for Matwork and the other with eight Reformer machines.

We strongly advise anyone new to Pilates to start in a Mycore Mat beginners class, or with private lessons, and progress at the recommendation of their teacher. We’re always happy to offer trials of our classes so please call us to arrange this. It is not advised to attend Mycore Reformer classes without prior experience of Pilates.

MYCORE MAT - Beginners (purple)

MYCORE MAT - Mixed ability (green)

MYCORE MAT - Inter/advanced (blue)

MYCORE REFORMER - All levels (grey)

POSTNATAL MAT* - Mum & baby (yellow) see below

If you need help on booking, class suitability or would like to discuss private lessons, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To sign up for our payment plans, simply click on the link below.

New Client Intro Packages

Starting in September

Introductory Reformer Workshop

Saturday 7th September - 11.30am

Introduction To Matwork

Saturday 7th September - 10.30am

Postnatal Pilates Classes

Thursdays 10:30am During Term Time