Sarah Hilton


Sarah has a passion for movement, she loves to inspire people to get moving and to consequently help them to feel better in both body and mind. She was a gymnast as a child - just like Joe Pilates - and spent her childhood obsessed with the sport, cartwheeling everywhere, and now loves the fact she gets to roly-poly (or roll like a ball) every day! There are huge similarities with gymnastics training and Pilates so it is no surprise that she was hooked with the Pilates method from her very first class. 

Her Pilates training journey has been, and continues to be, vast and varied with a love for both the classical and contemporary approach, grateful to all the inspiring teachers and mentors she’s had the pleasure of meeting along the way. 

Opening Mycore Pilates in 2018 was a dream come true for Sarah. She is thankful to the wonderful ‘Team Mycore’ for helping to create such a warm and friendly atmosphere, where great teachers come together with fabulous clients to move and have fun.