Commitment to the cause

The prime essence of the Pilates system is mental discipline: slow muscular movements under the constant directions and control of the alerted intelligence. First, that of the teacher, striving to join the student’s muscles and will by ordering simple evolutions. Then, as the student learns to focus his own will on these movements, he takes over and disciplines himself.”
— Joseph Pilates Essay, 1957

This beautiful statement is one of my new favourites from Joseph Pilates, brought to light on my recent course in Edinburgh with the wonderful Benjamin Degenhardt. It rings true to me the essence of commitment, of practice, of discipline to the Pilates method. The more you move, the more you discover, the more you can help yourself to heal. Learning and listening, listening and learning. The motions of your body like a wave 🌊, constant and powerful yet no two waves ever the same. Pilates is about discovery - how does your body feel today? What can you do to make this exercise more efficient? Why is this so challenging? We listen, we learn, we discover, we change, we heal.

That’s what we do at Mycore. Our teachers are here to teach you rather than instruct, we guide you through the Pilates method, show you correct movement patterns and are always here with hands on corrections to give you feedback when you need it.

But you have to practice, whether that’s three times a week in class or 10 minutes every day at home, the more you do, the more you will benefit. Not just Pilates, but thoughtful movement in everyday life.

Ever heard of anyone passing their driving test after just one driving lesson? Nope, me neither.

Could you learn to somersault after just one gymnastics class? Doubtful.

Ever learnt a language fluently after an hour of studying? Hmm, if only.

Pilates is the same. The stories of those lovely students, at Mycore and Worldwide quoting that ‘Pilates cured my back pain’, ‘Pilates helped me to NOT have surgery’, Pilates saved my life!’ - well believe me those stories did not happen after just one or two classes, they happened because those students made a commitment to Pilates, to the method, to the cause.

I see it time and time again, that people think great I’ll do Pilates and it will fix me. They come to a couple of classes then start to flake then say no Pilates wasn’t for me. They didn’t give themselves a chance.

Now we know it’s Summer Holiday time right now and it’s tough getting to class perhaps because the kids are off school and you’re going away, but try to take time out for you .... try to do a little at home or on your sun lounger, get the kids involved too, change your class to another day or a time that fits in, take 3 classes one week to catch up if need be.

If you’re struggling for inspiration here’s a little list of exercises you could do on the beach (l-r)....

Spine curl (into the sand)

Hundred (wave splashes)

Roll up (to get the suncream)

One leg circles (to the sun)

Rolling like a (beach)ball - watch out for sand going everywhere!!

Single leg stretch (to the ocean)

Spine stretch forward (to the bar)

Swan dive (into the pool)

(Be a) Mermaid 🧜‍♀

*Please only do exercises that are suitable for your body. Feel free to ask your teacher if you are unsure about this.